Doctor Wooff and Nurse Meow are cartoon characters that were created to educate children and their caregivers about proper animal care. In daily case studies Doctor Wooff, Nurse Meow and their capable staff will demonstrate humane treatment of pets at their Animal Hospital in Petsprings™.

Doctor Wooff and some of his staff members will also travel the world, studying animals in their natural environments and working to help preserve their habitats and ensure their survival. The work is never ending, and Doctor Wooff, Nurse Meow and their staff will never tire in their around the clock efforts to improve the quality of life for animals and subsequently for people around the world.

Professionals agree that children who learn how to treat animals kindly and with love, carry this knowledge through their interpersonal relationships. Early education can also help to prevent domestic violence issues later on.

Because the most effective method for teaching children is a cartoon or animated format, Doctor Wooff’s stories will soon be available through comicbooks, DVD’s, and ongoing TV episodes.

The Doctor Wooff and Nurse Meow stories are designed as a series with endless potential. Each episode will highlight an educational message on the humane treatment of animals. Our team of artists, veterinarians, pediatricians and educators will ensure the highest possible level of education on proper animal care!

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