Doctor Wooff and Nurse Meow are cartoon characters that were created to educate children and their caregivers about proper animal care. In daily case studies Doctor Wooff, Nurse Meow and their capable staff will demonstrate humane treatment of pets at their Animal Hospital in Petsprings™.

Doctor Wooff and some of his staff members will also travel the world, studying animals in their natural environments and working to help preserve their habitats and ensure their survival. The work is never ending, and Doctor Wooff, Nurse Meow and their staff will never tire in their around the clock efforts to improve the quality of life for animals and subsequently for people around the world.

Professionals agree that children who learn how to treat animals kindly and with love, carry this knowledge through their interpersonal relationships. Early education can also help to prevent domestic violence issues later on.

Because the most effective method for teaching children is a cartoon or animated format, Doctor Wooff’s stories will soon be available through comicbooks, DVD’s, and ongoing TV episodes.

The Doctor Wooff and Nurse Meow stories are designed as a series with endless potential. Each episode will highlight an educational message on the humane treatment of animals. Our international team of artists, illustrators, writers, educators, child developers, pediatricians, veterinarians, and engineers will ensure the highest possible level of education on proper animal care!

"We are Dr. Wooff’s Dream Team and we approve this statement!" Character Ensemble


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You can play games, download coloring pages, go shopping, ask the team questions, win great prizes, and much more. You can also see how to collect tickets for the "Great Prize Giveaway" and how to participate in "Doctor Wooff and Nurse Meow's Favorite Artists and Authors" Book Series.

Dr. Otto Shrink's Thoughts on Puppy Mills and Buying dogs and cats from Pet Stores.

Hello, Doctor Otto Shrink here, I am the working psychologist at Doctor Wooff's Animal Hospital. It has recently came to my attention that many people still purchase dogs and cats from pet stores without knowledge of the situation at hand, and I find that very disturbing and upsetting. I am here to inform everyone about puppy mills and the connected purchasing of dogs from PET stores.

Dogs are often bred under terrible conditions in places known as puppy mills. The people who run these mills are greedy and will do anything to make money, including cross breeding dogs and giving them cute sounding names to pass these dogs off as "the new pure bred". These cross breeds, are normally known as "mutts" and are cross breeds between two or more different breeds of dogs. For example, recently I met a Schnauzer and Poodle mix who got the cute name of "Schnoodle" and sold for over US$900. Well, I and every person of course loves the dog, but never the less, the fact is, that these Puppy Mills and everyone involved, all the way to the stores, are people who will fake everything just for a quick bug made by using often manipulations of emotions. Self-created "Quality Seals" and "papers" added to distract from the scheme and to charge an exuberant price for these animals, and of course to make customers often believe, that this must be a very good buy because of the high price. There is no law preventing this right now, and people are often fooled by misleading breed names and statements into purchasing these animals without being aware that the animal was raised in a "puppy mill" and could still have very serious health issues as a result of it.

We here at the "Doctor Wooff's Animal Hospital" are taking a stand to educate the public and get the truth out about the terrible conditions that "Puppy Mill" bred pets endure before finding a home. These places are often unsanitary, and are known as places where most of the dogs are suffer from hunger undernourishment and neglect. If you have any more questions about "Puppy Mills" ask your local animal shelter and your local veterinarian. You can also send me, or any of my colleagues, a question in the "Ask Doctor Wooff" section of our Kidzz Club on doctorwooff.com; We will respond within 24 hours.

Now that you are aware of the terrible conditions of puppy mills and pet stores who are selling those, please pass this information along to your friends and family, and please talk to your local veterinarian and the people from your nearby animal shelter to find out what is best for you. You of course can also ask us any questions and we will assist you as best as we can.

I am Doctor Otto Shrink and I approve this message.

Doctor Wooff is relaxing after a long fun filled weekend.

We hope you enjoyed your weekend as well. Relax today, so you can be refreshed for the work week starting tomorrow! Plenty of sleep is a good remedy for you and your pets to recharge.


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