Doctor Wooff and Nurse Meow are cartoon characters that were created to educate children and their caregivers about proper animal care. In daily case studies Doctor Wooff, Nurse Meow and their capable staff will demonstrate humane treatment of pets at their Animal Hospital in Petsprings™. The stories from Doctor Wooff are funny, educational, and entertaining; that is why we call it "Edutainment."

Doctor Wooff and some of his staff members will also travel the world, studying animals in their natural environments and working to help preserve their habitats and ensure their survival. The work is never ending, and Doctor Wooff, Nurse Meow and their staff will never tire in their around the clock efforts to improve the quality of life for animals and subsequently for people around the world.

Professionals agree that children who learn how to treat animals kindly and with love, carry this knowledge through their interpersonal relationships. Early education can also help to prevent domestic violence issues later on.

Because the most effective method for teaching children is a cartoon or animated format, Doctor Wooff’s stories will soon be available through comicbooks, DVD’s, and ongoing TV episodes.

The Doctor Wooff and Nurse Meow stories are designed as a series with endless potential. Each episode will highlight an educational message on the humane treatment of animals. Our team of artists, veterinarians, pediatricians and educators will ensure the highest possible level of education on proper animal care!

"We are Dr. Wooff’s Dream Team, and we approve this statement!" Character Ensemble


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Last but not least, meet Chaco who lives at Doctor Wooff's Clinic in Petsprings.

Chaco is a parrot that Doctor Wooff rescued from pet smugglers. His perch is next to Miss Nellie, and he greets patients as they come in.

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He speaks English, Spanish, German, Italian and French and loves to irritate Miss Nellie by imitating the phone ringing.

He always thinks he has to have the last word. When he gets agitated or suspicious of someone, especially when he can sense an abused animal entering the clinic, he starts pulling on his feathers , and sometimes he doesn't stop till they fall out and he does this with a very loud squawking noise to make everyone aware that something is wrong…. He collects nuts in all shapes and sizes and loves to whistle and to sing the songs he hears.

Meet Lady!

Doctor Wooff brought Lady from Berlin, Germany, to America, after speaking at a European Veterinarian convention . She is a very playful, funny and entertaining black and silver Miniature Schnauzer.

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She likes to hang around the clinic and is very nosy. Not much goes on that she does not know about. She always has to tell Doctor Wooff what she has found out. She loves to hang out with Dave the Driver and Claude Gander , since there is always something going on.

She loves having staring contests with people, eating, watching animal movies, and playing "tug of war" with towels.

Lady has an obsession with her bone and toy collection , and she has a hard time giving away even one.

Meet Captain Gary

Captain Gary is a handsome and very smart pelican from Florida. He is mostly seen driving Doctor Wooff's sail and motor yachts from harbor to harbor, assisting making house calls to help fellow boat owners with their pets.Show your support for Captain Gary here

A wealthy pet lover donated the yachts to Doctor Wooff. Doctor Wooff and his team are taking turns utilizing these boats to study and help marine wildlife all over the world. Doctor Wooff and Captain Gary will continue to sail the world together and educate the public on all oceanic issues. They sing songs along the way while Captain Gary plays the accordion.

Captain Gary loves gourmet fish sticks! He claims that his ancestors invented them.

Meet Nurse Jumpy

Nurse Jumpy is a kangaroo from Australia.

She loves to take care of patients who stay for recovery in Doctor Wooff's Hospital. She is in charge of managing the sleepover quarters, on the second floor, where patients and their owners can stay together, in suites, to speed up the recovery process after operations. She carries medicine for her patients in her pouch because it is practical for her job, and she can care for many patients in a short period of time.

She loves music, walking, jumping high, and utilizing high tech gadgets and computers to make her job easier.

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Meet Doctor Peter Pill

Dr. Peter Pill is a penguin and a pharmacist at Doctor Wooff’s Animal Hospital. After spending his life living in the cold climate of Alaska, he decided to sneak onto a cruise ship to escape the snow and frigid waters, which had always bothered his sensitive skin.

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He is an excellent mathematician and loves to spend hours organizing and counting anything he finds.

In his spare time he loves to walk the beach and sunbathe, but always has to be covered with his special sun block product, due to his sensitive skin.

During his time as a stowaway on the cruise ship, he fell in love with bow ties and now has a huge collection of them in various colors and designs and wears them wherever he goes.

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Meet Madame Paulette!

Madame Paulette is the manager of the beauty salon located within Doctor Wooff’s animal hospital.

her business partner is Aleasha, an Afghan Hound. They specialize in grooming and makeovers for Doctor Wooff’s clientele.

Madame Paulette hails from a long line of grand champion poodles and considers herself a beauty expert.

She loves to sing and dance, has a large collection of hair brushes, and collects lipsticks, nail polish, beauty products, handbags, purses, and shampoos. She has organized and trained a volunteer group to help her provide great grooming services for the less fortunate for free.

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