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  • Sue McArthur on

    Today I am re-ordering the vitamins I got from you the last time; I love the quality of life that your product added to my beloved Chihuahuas, Romeo and Juliette; thank you Doctor Wooff and Nurse Meow and your Team for keeping up the good work! Sue McArthur

  • Deborah Herold on
    I have been giving Sophie, my 10 year old Chocolate Lab, your liquid dog vitamins (“Vitamins for your Dog”) for about 1 year now, and she is thriving despite having had 2 ACL surgeries and arthritis. No one can believe her age, as she is super fit, super healthy, has the energy of a very young dog and has a coat that shines. I take her for a brisk walk (or rather she takes me) for 2-3 miles nearly every day and she shows no sign of her age or her arthritis. Your vitamins are working great! Thank you, Dr. Wooff and, of course, Nurse Meow, for your fabulous products. We love what you’re doing!


  • jimmy on

    I tried the glucosamine for my dog who had a hard time walking and after only 3 weeks of taking your recommended product of Doctor Wooff’s glucosamine he gets around so much better, just like in his younger years! Awesome stuff those vitamins and minerals! Thanks a lot! Jimmy

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