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"Ask Doctor Wooff" Hand Puppet Show

Do’s and Don’ts, all about proper pet care!

“Ask Doctor Wooff Puppet Show“ is a treasure chest, filled with never ending great tips , to teach and show children the benefits of teamwork, passion, integrity, love  and compassion, to improve the quality of life for all! Through interacting “role play”, this unique “hand puppet show” utilizes “learning with fun”  in order to create lasting positive results!   

As soon all 18 Characters from “Doctor Wooff’s Hand-Puppet Team” are developed and available for “Primetime”, Henry and his team will open up the opportunity for his audience, to get a hold of their favorite Characters, including FREE access to “Doctor Wooff’s easy to follow special color coded role play scripts”!

The audience will be encouraged to start creating their own “Doctor Wooff Puppet Shows“ with their own “role plays”;

Just to give you a little pre-peak of what’s in store for all  Doctor Wooff hand-puppet “artists”….

…..Any “self-created role play”  that is sent to us and chosen by our team, to be published on our Doctor Wooff  website,*  will automatically qualify the “Author” or “Authors” as a whole group, to receive the very desirable 

“Doctor Wooff Role-Play Award“, 

together with a special name-recognition on Doctor Wooff’s online

“Wall Of Appreciation“!

We especially encourage students of all ages to get together as a group and create a “Role Play” with our Doctor Wooff Hand-Puppets, and submit it to:  “ask (at) DoctorWooff (dot) com”

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