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About the FOUNDER and his MISSION

By Lance Fairchok

The Founder and his Mission: “Doctor Wooff and Nurse Meow™” are the creation of Henry Carlton, a German-born American who now lives in Florida.  His father was a native of Illinois and his mother was from the beautiful German town of Geislingen. Henry is one of 8 siblings, and loves skiing, swimming, music, and reading.  Henry’s passion is the well-being of animals.  As a young man he raised a litter of German Boxers and has not been without dogs since.  Henry has a long history of service and caring for others.  In lieu of military service in Germany, Henry opted to serve as an ambulance driver and EMT, every weekend, for ten years before receiving his Bachelor’s degree in Business and soon after an MBA.

Before his 22nd birthday, Henry had started his first successful construction company.  Always thinking bigger and adjusting his goals to follow his dreams, he cosponsored large product introductions into the German market working with companies such as Sunkist, Remi Martin, and Pernod Ricard, to name a few.  After establishing multiple successful companies, he became a popular motivational speaker, teaching over 100.000 students through seminars on how to become successful in business and in life with goal setting, perseverance, and time management.

By 1995, Henry was a self-made multi-millionaire and had learned some important life lessons along the way.  Money became less of a driving force and he wanted to do more, and do it in a completely different way.  He decided that the time had come to focus on his passion for animals and made the adjustments in his life to set the stage.  He also wanted to leave positive footprints for future generations.  Recalling the years he spent as a business manager and partner in a veterinary clinic, Henry became convinced that he could get children’s attention using animation to teach them how to care for animals with understanding, kindness, and love.

The Doctor Wooff and Nurse Meow™ concept was born!  Daily case studies of “a veterinarian and his assistant” and their international staff in the “Cartoon Veterinary Hospital” demonstrate the humane treatment and care of animals.  Using his remarkable creative talent, Henry has since created many educational projects, each one a stand-alone success, but the closest to his heart is Doctor Wooff and Nurse Meow™.  Doctor Wooff™ educates children at an early age to be aware of the special needs of pets and promotes the importance of proper loving care for all animals.  The cartoon format catches the audience’s attention in a funny, adventurous, and educational way.  Henry calls the Doctor Wooff™ project educational entertainment, or “EDUTAINMENT”!

To find the best people for animation, Henry moved to the United States to start the Doctor Wooff™ adventure.  He has created many engaging characters who work around the clock helping Doctor Wooff™ and Nurse Meow™ in their Animal-Hospital.  The hospital is in the town of “Petsprings™” on the east coast of the United States.  The daily workload of an emergency room for animals is a big one, and a competent international staff keeps things running smoothly.  Whether it is Doctor Drool™, a German Boxer, who is the hospital’s Dentist, or the orangutan Doctor Otto Shrink™, the staff psychologist, the lessons children learn cover a broad spectrum of specialized animal needs.  Interest keeps growing as the audience seeks to discover all the wonderful characters that work on Doctor Wooff’s™ team.

Henry is the author and coauthor of multiple book series such as “Ask Doctor Wooff about”, “Did you know”, and “Doctor Wooff’s favorite Artists and Authors”, to name a few; all of those are sold exclusively through the online shop at www.doctorwooff.com.  Henry also started the popular “Doctor Wooff and Nurse Meow™” comic book series, where he introduces his delightful characters to an audience aged 4 and up. Those comic books are the basic for future animations; His first coloring and activity book series was also started under the “Doctor Wooff and Nurse Meow™” brand name.

The real adventure kicks in when the “villains” of Doctor Wooff’s™ projects start showing up!  They are led by a greedy and unscrupulous individual who runs a worldwide smuggling organization from the shadows of the criminal underground.  His name is Ignoraz McGreedy!  He built his empire with puppy mills, selling of endangered species as trophies, and many other illegal activities involving terrible cases of cruelty to animals.  He tries every trick he can devise to stop Doctor Wooff™ and his team from educating the public on animal welfare.

Henry sees himself as a visionary, leaving footprints for children to follow to a better life for animals and humans across the globe.  Henry has put together an international team of artists, illustrators, graphic designers, writers, educators, child developers, pediatricians, veterinarians, and engineers—professionals from all walks of life—who are on his “Volunteer Board of Advisors” to ensure the highest level of educational integrity throughout the Doctor Wooff™ project.  The ultimate goal is to make his wonderful educational stories available with the best animation, for TV and movies, and to expand the project internationally.  The potential is as endless as Henry’s dreams, including a vision of an educational theme park here in the US, where young and old can learn, have fun, and enjoy themselves together.  To give back to the community, Henry and his team have decided to support animal rescue and adoption projects across the country.

To find out more, join the growing Kidzz Club at www.doctorwooff.com; it’s free and you can learn a lot.  Check out the “Magnet Frenzy” video on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dDgoDHHHAag;  Go to Doctor Woof and Nurse Meow’s™ Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/doctorwooff , it is a place, continually updated with great tips on pet care and welfare.  Sign up for the newsletter and like the page. Doctor Wooff and Nurse Meow™ offer all animal lovers who care, great tips to share with family and friends for FREE!