"The Original Doctor Wooff Hand-Puppet Show" 

Do’s and Don’ts, is a series of great tips about proper pet care!

Meet the first six of 18 “Doctor Wooff Hand-Puppets”  

“Ask Doctor Wooff Puppet Show“ is a treasure chest, filled with never ending great tips, to teach and show children the benefits of teamwork,  passion, integrity, love and compassion, to improve the quality of life for all, people and pets! Through interacting “role play”, this unique “hand puppet show” utilizes “learning with fun” in order to create lasting positive results!   

This show series will inform and teach (age 5 and up) all around the proper care for pets, through interaction between the “characters” and the audience, answering questions sent to ask (at) doctorwooff (dot) com

Even before all 18 Characters from “Doctor Wooff’s Hand-Puppet Team” are fully developed and available for “Primetime”,  through their online shop, including access to “Doctor Wooff's™ easy to follow special color coded role play scripts”!  The audience will be encouraged to start creating their own “Doctor Wooff Puppet Shows“ with their own “role plays”  *;

*separate rules apply!

Just to give you a little pre-peak of what’s in store for all “Doctor Wooff Hand-puppet Artists”….

…..Any “self-created role play”  that is sent to us and chosen by our team, to be published on our Doctor Wooff website,*  will automatically qualify the “Author” or “Authors” as a whole group, to receive the very desirable 

“Doctor Wooff Role-Play Award“, 

together with a special name-recognition on Doctor Wooff’s online

“Wall Of Appreciation“! 

We especially encourage students of all ages to get together as a group and create a “Role Play” with our Doctor Wooff Hand-Puppets, and submit it to:  “ask (at) DoctorWooff (dot) com”

By following us, you won’t miss anything that might be important to you;

Not only will we talk about the best care for the most common pets such as dogs and cats, but also will our team answer questions about caring for small pets such as Rabbits, Hamsters, Ferrets, Guinea pigs, and Birds! 

This will support a mixture between established well-known pet care tips and addressing direct audience affecting issues that are happening throughout their daily lives…


Anyone can write us questions about their pet(s) and our team will sort them and “green light“ as many questions as possible to be answered in one of our shows…! 


Here is a short preview about the upcoming topic-series such as:  

o    How to find out which pet is the right one for you? (Dogs vs. cats...) 

o    Do’s and Don’ts, all-around cats and dogs! 

o    What costs are involved when I decide to get a dog, or cat, or both?

o    What are the differences between small dogs, medium or big dogs, when it comes to expenses such as Vet Bills and Food ? 

o    Should you pick up behind your dog when walking in public?

o    Should you de-worm a dog/cat? And if Yes, how often?

o    Is a monthly flea and tick treatment  good for your dog and cat, or is it too much?

o    Pro’s and con’s about “health- insurance” for your pets! 

o    How  you can train a puppy to quickly become “housebroken” .

o    How often during the day does a dog need to go for walk,  and for how long? 

o    Is declawing cats a good solution?

o    Why buying and raising baby-tigers, lions, cougars, and other wild animals as “baby –pets” is a very bad and dangerous idea!  


    The questions will never end, so stay tuned...


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    Thank you! 

    Send any question about your pet directly to ask (at) DoctorWooff.com
    We always highlight the importance, to contact your local Veterinarian if you encounter any health issue with your pet!