The Founder and his Mission:     

By Barbara Kelly, Thomas Barcley & Lauren Powell

Henry Carlton grew up in Germany, where he finished private business school, and with just 21 years of age, he started his first Business in construction, focusing on Windows, Doors, and Roll shutters. After a few years of success in his business, he decided it was time to do something different and sold his company. Since then, Henry never stopped exploring new business adventures. 

A huge successful business became the licensing of his own Trademark “CARLTON”! Opening and managing CARLTON-Hotels, CARLTON-Bars and CARLTON-Restaurants in 13 European Countries, followed by his own CARLTON Cocktails, CARLTON Wine, CARLTON Exclusive Delivery Service “EDS”. Henry’s Brand, the “Carlton Products“,  became a household name for many exclusive niche product lines, which his company catered to many well-known Top Corporations and Celebrities through his “Carlton Party-Service-Division”.

And the list goes on. Henry co-created the first TV spray, solving any light reflections, and during the international Tradeshow for new product ideas, he received the silver medal for his new product idea, “Chewing Gum remover”, removing chewing gum from all carpets, floors, and streets. Henry also owns some utility and design patents. Staying busy and successful in many more adventures in which he actively got involved, Henry knew that whatever he did, it was only a pre-curser for his ultimate dream, to create something so unique and so big that it will leave footprints for generations to come.

As a huge dog lover and animal welfare advocate, Henry concluded, that the time has come to start working on his dream, creating an educational and entertaining cartoon that benefits children and animals and their caregivers alike. He changed course and when he arrived here in the US, he went to work on his dream project he named: Doctor Wooff and Nurse Meow!

This became the most important project that he created from scratch, here in the US, after leaving Germany in 1995. Henry realized that with this Family friendly highly entertaining and educational approach he can reach millions of children and their caregivers worldwide.

Henry started immediately to put together an international team of Artists, Illustrators and Graphic Designers, Writers and Educators, Teachers, and Veterinarians, and together they started sketching his vision into a beautiful enticing endless mission and the Doctor Wooff and Nurse Meow Cartoon animation project was born.

After working on Doctor Wooff and his “Team” Henry realized that an equally important situation needed urgent attention and to be addressed. Namely the unspeakable harm to animals through animal abuse and cruelty to animals!  

And there is no better way than creating another cartoon animation project to address the problem of cruelty to animals and animal abuse. Because there where no real consequences for the perpetrators on all levels, Henry started his 2nd cartoon project, the animated “World-Animal-Court“ with Judge Leo and a selected 12-member “Jury”, chosen from across the animal kingdom. This will be known as the only place on earth where “Animals are prosecuting humans for cruelty to Animals”, and where the perpetrators will for the first-time face real consequences for their brutal acts! A place where animals of all sizes will have a final voice! No matter how big or how small, Judge Leo will hear them all!


1st“Doctor Wooff and Nurse Meow”, a Cartoon animation project, to teach children and their caregivers the proper care for animals!

To support his animation effort, he started his first comic book series and authored another book series called “Did you know”, a fountain of refreshing know- how, where all his cartoon characters are coming to life, especially in his escorting ongoing video channel “Ask Doctor Wooff”, to get as much basic knowledge into the hands of parents and caretakers about the proper care for animals in a funny, entertaining and yet, educational way. That’s why he calls it “learning with fun!” or “Edutainment”, for more details go to: 

During his work for Doctor Wooff Henry discovered a huge disconnect between animal abuse and appropriate consequences! Teenager and adults where the main group of people who often openly talked about how they torcher and treat animals. For Henry, this was nothing short but cruelty to animals and it needed urgent attention to help the voiceless get a voice! He got to work and did what he knew best. He created with a small team of professionals the future place, where animals will prosecute humans for cruelty to animals!  And the World-Animal-Court, with Judge LEO was born!


2nd,  “Judge Leo” and the “World-Animal-Court”, another TOP-Cartoon animation, created for a world-wide audience, where “animals are prosecuting humans for cruelty to animals!!!” 

Henry created this project in addition to Doctor Wooff, because this is very dear to his heart and geared towards Teenagers and young adults to establish real “consequences” for often unspeakable acts of cruelty to animals!

This is besides Doctor Wooff and Nurse Meow another amazing project and will become a worldwide success as an ongoing animation show, where the voiceless get a voice and the abusers are facing real consequences! Each case will be a heart piercing experience. For more details go to: or


While enduring setbacks and disappointments, Henry never stopped keeping his “eyes on the ball”, and never stopped working and creating.

When asked about where he gets his strength to get those huge projects developed and managed, he doesn’t hesitate to let you know, that the greatest lesson he learned in life is not to take “yourself too important, rather humble yourself and realize that you are only be given those gifts for a period of time and better see yourself as a very small “creation-tool”, purposely used by God Almighty “THE CREATOR” himself, who for sure knows when to bring HIS CREATION to flourish! And Henry adds with a great smile, “that’s enough for me to know and to trust and to keep going and always stay humbled and be thankful and happy!”

Asked about the next project he said: “For right now it is enough to get those two projects produced and up and running”, and since they are related, it is actually only producing one big project, divided into 2 age groups, one for Doctor Wooff and Nurse Meow, to teach children the proper pet care and two, Judge Leo to get a handle on animal abuse, neglect and cruelty, through meaningful consequences for the abusers, and that counts for all sizes!“