The Founder and his Mission:     

By Barbara Kelly 

“Doctor Wooff and Nurse Meow™” are the creation of Henry Carlton, a German-born American who now lives in Florida. His American family is from the greater Illinois area , while his German family lives in the southern part of Germany. During his childhood and teenage years Henry enjoyed skiing, swimming, music, reading and all kinds of outdoor activities. But Henry’s real passion was always the well-being of animals. As a young man he raised a litter of German Boxers and has not been seen without some dogs around him. Henry has a long history of service and caring for others. In lieu of military service in Germany, Henry opted to serve as an emergency driver and EMT, every weekend, for ten years. After finishing his Bachelor in Business he became very successful by establishing his own companies and received invitations to share his success story as a motivational speaker, focusing through seminars and weekly workshops on teaching students how to become successful in business and in life with goal setting, time management and perseverance;

By 1994, Henry was a very successful business entrepreneur, and had learned some important life lessons along the way. Money became less of a driving force for him and he decidedthat the time had come to follow his dream and focus on his passion for animals. He made the adjustments in his life to set the stage, but this time he decided to leave lasting positive footprints for future generations. Henry became convinced that he could establish a way, where he will get children’s and their caretakers attention, by using the power of cartoon-animation to teach them how to proper care for animals with understanding, kindness, and love.

The Doctor Wooff and Nurse Meow™ concept was born! 

Daily case studies of “a veterinarian and his assistant” and their international staff in the “Cartoon Veterinary Hospital” demonstrate the humane treatment and care of animals. Using his remarkable creative talent, Henry has since created multiple educational projects, but one of  the closest to his heart is “Doctor Wooff and Nurse Meow™”. Doctor Wooff™ educates children at an early age to be aware of the special needs of pets and promotes the importance of proper loving care for all animals. The cartoon format catches the audience’s attention in a funny, adventurous, and educational way. Henry calls the Doctor Wooff™ project educational entertainment, or “EDUTAINMENT”!

As an Entrepreneur, and single at that time, he moved to the United States and created and named all engaging cartoon -characters who all work together as a Team around the clock helping Doctor Wooff™ and Nurse Meow™ in their Animal-Hospital. The daily workload of an Animal Hospital open to all Pet’s, but also specializing as an “Emergency Clinic” for animals is a big one, and a competent international staff keeps things running 24/7. Whether it is Doctor Drool™, a German Boxer, who is the hospital’s Dentist, or the Orangutan Doctor Otto Shrink™, the staff psychologist, the lessons children learn cover a broad spectrum of animal needs. Interest keeps growing as the audience seeks to discover all the wonderful characters that work on Doctor Wooff’s™ team.

The real adventure kicks in when the “villains” of Doctor Wooff’s™ projects start showing up! They are led by a greedy and unscrupulous individual who runs a worldwide smuggling organization from the shadows of the criminal underground.  His name is Ignoraz McGreedy!  He built his empire with puppy mills, selling of endangered species as trophies,  and many other illegal activities involving terrible cases of cruelty to animals.  He and his “thugs”  are trying  every trick they can think of, to stop Doctor Wooff™ and his team from educating the public on the importance of proper care for animals; It catches the audience’s attention and it will show them how the “bad guys” are camouflaging their acts; that way they can identify it much earlier and don’t fall for it anymore;

Henry is described by friends as a “Visionary” and as a “Non-compromising Person" when it comes to animal abuse and cruelty to animals and all connected ultimate consequences! He is the author of his brand new book series called “Did you know”, where the reader gets a treasure chest full of valuable educational information about animals and great tips for the daily care for their pets; 

Henry is also the co–author of the book series called “Ask Doctor Wooff about”, and “Doctor Wooff’s favorite Artists and Authors”, He also started his own “Doctor Wooff and Nurse Meow™” comic book series, where he introduces his delightful characters to an audience age 5 and up, and his books are the basic for future animations stories; His first coloring and activity book series also started under the “Doctor Wooff and Nurse Meow™” brand name. But this was not enough for Henry, when looking around for a theme song for his animation project he decided to do his own song-writing and created and recorded the theme song for Doctor Wooff’s future TV shows and movie projects;

Henry sees himself as a visionary destined to leave very positive footprints for children to follow, which ultimately will lead into a better life for animals and humans alike.

Henry has put together an international team from all walks of life. He founded his “Volunteer Board of Advisors” to ensure the highest level of educational integrity throughout the Doctor Wooff™ project; Every “Team Member” who works in Doctor Wooff’s Cartoon Clinic has a real life “professional team” behind his character,  fully alive and aware of all the details that need to be watched to assure the best level of “up to date“ education. Henry loves to meet and work with his “Junior Volunteer Advisory Board”, where he has Youth members ages 5 to 12, who help to get the information needed for important decisions, and to guide all the “professional adults“ through the “mind- jungle” and thought process of his present and future audience; By listening to them, Henry believes that this is the best way to avoid many potential costly mistakes in the future;  

The ultimate goal is to make all stories available to the public with the best animation for short webisodes, TV-episodes  and movies, and to expand the project internationally.

The greatest part of all is, according to Henry, that he and his team will never “ run out of stories”! When asked about he said: “If there ever is the sense of not enough material to write about, I will take my team of Illustrators and Writers and will hang out with them for a few days in a real Animal Hospital and let them talk to the Pet owners about their stories and why they ended up in the ER…”   

To give back to the community, Henry has decided to establish a separate 501 c3 nonprofit organization for “Doctor Wooff”, to help support animal rescue and adoption projects as well as animal sanctuaries and education centers!

The Founders most important goal is to finally shine light onto all levels of animal cruelty and to help those senseless suffering animals in need of a voice, in any way he can. Henry says he will not rest till the last dogfight ring is brought to justice and all puppy mills are closed!

To promote this goal and to bring people together and unite them to help prevent cruelty to animals, Henry and his team know exactly what needs to be done and how to get the world’s attention. He is preparing to build a solid worldwide front against the ugliness of cruelty to animals. So stay tuned, the show will start soon! 

One of Henry’s favorite quotes is….  ”Team work, makes the Dream work!” 

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