The Founder and his Mission:     

By Barbara Kelly, Thomas Barcley & Lauren Powell

Henry B. Carlton is known as an Entrepreneur who, over the past 40 years has created multiple successful businesses.

Growing up in Germany, he moved to the United States in 1995 and started to work on his favorite educational cartoon animation projects.

He is the author of a quarterly children educational book-series called: “Did you know”, a treasure chest full of great tips about the proper care for pets, plenty of fun pages to work with, and of course important news, addressing animal issues “all around the animal kingdom”!

Henry started his first comic books series: “Doctor Wooff and Nurse Meow”, where the audience is directly introduced to the daily case by case “work-load”, watching  Doctor Wooff's animal hospital team at work;   

Henry’s team added a coloring book series and an activity book series, all around the proper care for animals, but this next one, he will personally overlook and co-author!   

Henry’s favorite book series is the one he will co-author with children, where kids are writing their animal stories or sending in drawings of their favorite pets/or animals, to eventually have their context  “originally and un-edited“ published in a book collection called:

“Doctor Wooff’s favorite Artists and Authors”   

Henry Carlton is not only an author, but also wrote his first song, which became the Theme song for the Doctor Wooff & Nurse Meows animation series. 

As the Executive Producer of the future TV-show  “Doctor Wooff and Nurse Meow”,  Henry and his team will regularly publish updates at;

They will utilizes the power of cartoon animation, the best known tool, to teach children ages 5  to 12 the proper care for dogs and cats and other pets. One of Henry's goals is to establish “Learning with Fun”, to help children and their caregivers not only to hear, but to remember the many tips, do’s and don’ts about the proper care for pets and to apply them throughout their life's;

To over bridge the animation production time Henry just started a new short video production series called : “Ask Doctor Wooff “, where all the characters of Doctor Wooff’s Animal Hospital are working together as “Hand-Puppets”, giving great tips and do’s and don’ts, and soon enabling the audience to inter-act with downloadable color-coded role plays; 

All of Doctor Wooff and Nurse Meow products are sold only through this websites! 

He considers his biggest achievement besides the creation and establishing of the Doctor Wooff Project the Founding and Creation of the cartoon animation project “Judge Leo” and the  “World-Animal-Court”, where animals are  prosecuting humans for cruelty to animals!  

Henry Carlton is the Executive Producer for this fully animated TV series, addressing the lack of real consequences for the perpetrators and there unspeakable acts of cruelty to all kinds of animals. Henry’s show will serve as a bridge between humans and animals, giving the voiceless and hurt a final day in court and getting “justice” through Judge LEO! (


Henry's creativity is not ending here, he has also created the first animation cooking show for kids, called the Chickenclubhouse (.com), where 12 funny retired former “Layers” (Chickens)  show the kids, how they can have fun by baking and cooking simple, easy, affordable and healthy meals!

When asked, how he can keep up with all of this projects, his response is clear and swift: It is the

 “Team work, that makes the Dream work” 

As a young man Henry started to developed his love for dogs, serving friends by walking their dogs. This became the foundation of a great success story, following the last 40 years, Henry became a huge advocate for animals. So far, he raised and /or cared for 6 German Boxers, 2 Black and Silver Miniature Schnauzers, 1 Standard Schnauzer, 5 Puddle puppies, 19 Boxer puppies, 1 Dachshund and 4 cats. He considers himself a great pet lover and learned many of his tips by taking care of his 4 legged companions, who all became his best friends.

Above all, Henry credits most of his today's success with his animal animation projects to the 5 years he spent in Germany as a managing Partner at a Veterinarian Clinic for small animals! 

“It was then when I developed the basic ideas for my animation projects, looking for ways to educate a whole new generation, world wide, on the proper care for pets! We are determine to create and leave continually positive footprints behind, and are working tireless on all our projects, because the road to success is always under construction, but ultimately will make the world a better place!” 

Henry B. Carlton