Doctor Wooff recommends: “It will look great on you, and on your PET’s too!”

Go to and watch the short WORLD- NEWS Video !

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# 1 Products

What an awesome response to our newest introduction, namely the  category “package-deals” in our shop; The number one product right now is the Shampoo from Madame Paulette and from the supplements,  the liquid  Kitty and K-9 Calmer are ranking together on number one with our “Vitamins For Dogs” ! To our customers we want to say a big “THANK YOU “  for spreading the good news and for your support of Doctor Wooff and Nurse Meow!  

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*** What's new ***

Supplements for Cats Supplements for Dogs

Doctor Wooff and Nurse Meow and their professional team highly recommend, what more and more professionals also agree!  No matter if puppies or kittens, active young or retired senior pets, when getting an age appropriate additional scoop of vitamins, minerals and supplements with their daily portion of their food intake, it can have multiple long lasting positive impacts on an overall healthier lifestyle for the pet and subsequently everyone effected is happy. We found the solution to make it very easy and enjoyable for every pet- owner to apply the daily  intake of vitamins ,minerals and other premium supplements for cats and dogs. Our new  product line...

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