A message from Henry Carlton, the Founder and Creator of the Doctor Wooff and Nurse Meow animation project!

“Although right now Doctor Wooff’s Animal Hospital is “only” a cartoon to teach the proper care for pets, I will follow my goal to build the same identical hospital, just like the “Doctor Wooff animated cartoon animal hospital“ in real life! But first I want to see the animated cartoon episodes from “Doctor Wooff and Nurse Meow” up and on the air for everyone to enjoy, and help to understand the whole concept, before the identical ”Doctor Wooff Animal Hospital” will be built and open for the public in real life!"

Here are a few unique highlights!

Doctor Wooff’s Animal Hospital, when built, will be the largest in the world with over 350,000.00 sq. feet, open to the public all year round, 24/7!

The pride of the Doctor Wooff’s Animal Hospital complex will be the attached

1200 seat  ACEC “Animal Care Education Center” 

Doctor Wooff and his team love to give back to the community by making the visit entry FREE for everyone, no matter how big or small the groups!

During the week, school classes and organizations can take a daytrip and schedule a great learning experience, where a Veterinarian and a teacher will share the stage and utilize “Super-Teaching-Technologies” to educate the audience on the proper care for pets!

*Weekends are reserved for corporate events!

Doctor Wooff and his team believe in “going the extra mile” because they always see themselves dealing with 2 patients, one is the pet and the other one is the pet owner, and they like to make them both “happy”!

The Main-Entrance to the hospital splits in half and separates the waiting area into one room “for dogs only” and the other room “for cats only”, while other small animals like ferrets, hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, and birds will have their own separate waiting area!

It’s proven that the stress level for most pets when going to the VET, can be drastically reduced by separating certain animals from each other in the waiting area. For example, a cat doesn’t need to get stared at or barked at by a dog who doesn’t like cats and vice versa…

Doctor Wooffs Animal Hospital has a separate little Cat-Bistro ( no dogs allowed) and Dog-Bistro ( no cats allowed), right next to the waiting room area, where they can snack and have a drink together with their owner, something light and healthy;

Next to the Pet-Bistro’s is the Beauty Salon, whereMadame Paulette and Aleashaare taking care of all beauty needs, such as grooming, bathing, haircuts, nail clipping, or reflex-zone massage therapy;

To help the customers with their needs, inside the Doctor Wooff Animal Hospital is a separate “Pet-Store”, which makes the waiting time much more convenient for the customer; If the client prefers to go shopping, he can either take his pet with him, or he can drop off his patient at the Pet-Care-Center, which is also a Vacation – Boarding place, with plenty of room and entertainment for all pets, and there is always someone on-site, watching all of them 24/7;

At the Main –check-in-, it will feel more like being at a top Hotel, served by the Manager in charge, and in this case, that’s “Miss Nellie“. After checking in, each customer receives an “inside/outside-alarm/ pager”, letting him know when he is next to see his doctor; There are also additional benches in front of each doctors-office for the client to take a seat and wait to see his Vet.

Doctor Wooffs Animal Hospital has a “State Of The Art Therapeutic Swimming Pool”, which is managed by “Doctor Judy Popper” to help treat horses and smaller pets, helping to speed up their recovery from all kinds of injuries all the way up to age-related issues;

Doctor Wooff’s Animal Hospital is well prepared for sudden emergencies;

His Emergency vehicles are arriving through the Garage, and from there the patients go straight to the ER room, or next to it, where you have the large OP room, and next to the OP is the intensive care facility, followed by the “ quarantine unit”  and around the corner are another 8 separate rooms, earmarked for recovery, treatment and REHAB, and having his own pharmacy, Doctor Peter Pill will assure that the right medicine will be always available when needed.

Following the inside VO–guide, escorted by light sensors, nobody can get lost, instead, everyone will find its way around with Doctor Wooffs Hospital's “GPS-system”!

Another important part is Doctor Wooff’s Recovery Hospital / “Hotel” on the second floor, where the owner, together with the fresh operated patient will stay in the same room overnight, or longer if needed.  “Nurse Jumpy” and her helpers will take care of all patients in 10 separate rooms! It makes a huge difference for the owner and the patient when just awakening after an operation.

You can tell that the animals love the fact that his/her owner is right there, starting together with the recovery process, and for both, the patient and the owner, the stress level is again drastically reduced!

When taking a walk outside the Hospital in Doctor Wooff’s pet park, people can see from a distance the hospitals own “pet-cemetery”, where under the care and guidance of “Doctor Otto Shrink” especially kids can utilize the free on-site service and bury their beloved pet companion. Doctor Otto Shrink will explain the importance to allow time to morn when losing a beloved companion and also encourage kids to think about how to celebrate the lives of their companion they just lost with decency, love, and compassion, for example, drawing a picture and/or writing a letter about their pets life to Dr. Otto Shrink, which he will keep on a special “memories forever” place. 

This is a short tour throughout the clinic, and a lot more can be learned and discovered, when the first animated 26 episodes are produced and aired; you can stay on top and at the same time keep learning, just by following, like and share our “Ask Doctor Wooff’s Puppet-show-clips”. 

“Teamwork makes the Dream work, and together we will create a better life for all, the animals and the people!” 

Henry Carlton

(Founder and Creator)